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Korean Cosmetic Products Review - Etude and SkinFood

So hello again ladies :)
I'm about to review the Korean product that I bought it there.
As I mentioned before, the price is more way cheaper in Korea, around 3 times more expensive compared to Indonesia prices. Actually this is the first Korean makeup that I bought is Etude and Skin Food. 

Well, maybe you will shock looked at these things and think I'm crazy with these stuff. It is looks many, but actually I only bought 5 items and the other is free stuff! Yey! If you planning to buy cosmetics in Korea, you should be prepared of one plastic bag to carry all of your free samples from the stores. It is true, I did t too :p
I bought Etude Liquid Liner*****
Mascara Remover*
Skin Food Nail Polish Remover****
Skin Food Eyeshadow**
2 Skin Food Nail Polish***

From those 5 items, the most I love is:
Etude Liquid Liner! Wohoo

Because it is water proof
Easy to handle the brush 
Nice mate black color
If you don't bring your mascara, just rub your eyes with your hand and the liner will fall down easily
It doesn't smudge and stray to your botom eyes or other eyes area
If you do not have eye lid, you can add more products to your eyes and VIOLA! You will have the temporary eyelid!
Love it!

The second winner is the Skin Food Nail Polish Remover

Smells so good!! Doesn't smell any kind of alkohol like the other nail polish remover
Very easy to remove the color out of your hand
Depends on how much you use it, but for me it last for 1 year for 1 bottle 
What else do you need for nail polish remover? haha

Skin Food Nail Polish

They have many pretty colors
Dry quickly
It stands for 1-2 weeks
Very recommended nail polish in Korea - Based on my Korean Friends
I bought many colors - 20 nail polish in 2 times shopping :D
You know it a goood quality 

Skin Food Eyeshadow

Quite pigmented 
It comes with unique case
Very natural, you can use it for the first date *wink

Etude Mascara Remover

Well, actually I don't really like this product. They just create it with the new pink packaging and new tag line "Mascara Remover" and it become more expensive rather the blue bottle from Etude House. The quality is hmmm so so. Repurchase: no.

Ha.. So that's my review about my first Korean Cosmetic. I hope it will help you to see which one is the better one and which one is ney. I will post another review of Korean products in the next post. Hugs! 

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