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Tips Makeup ala Princess Danita

Hello girls, I just finished do some makeup for Danita Vinarosa Sigarlaki because she needs to photograph some pictures for some purpose.
Danita loves music, arts, fashion, Korean lovers (especially Jae joong), lovable girl, fun yet mysterious for some guys ;) I know her really well because we hang out together since 2002 I think, oh I almost forgot it was a loong time ago haha and suddenly she is become one of the member of K- Pop genders kind of music industry in Indonesia. Yes, the Princess! You can find her on twitter @danitavinafojae or @princess_id.
I do this makeup only for fun and we really enjoyed it because finally we meet again after a long time! yey!

So, this is makeup tips from Danita:
1. Always use your primer lotion to keep the foundation/ bb cream set all day long!
She use Phytogenic - Infinite makeup base SPF15 PA+ from The FaceShop

2. After apply the primer or makeup base, Danita usually use BB cream for coverage her skin.
Missha BB cream no 22
3. Wait around 5 mins, then she put scots on her eyes and it will look bigger instantly!
Any brand of scot u can find it in drugstore, but do not use the plastic one because it can't blend well with the eyelid color, it doesn't looks natural she said.

 Okey! I'm sorry but I didn't take any pictures from her eyes while I'm doing her makeup, it is really hard for me to take step  by step picture and the time is pushing me up! :(
But here are the products that I put on her face:
1. Benefit - Stay don't stray
2. Naked Palette - 1st edition
3. Etude Liner (See my previous review on this product)
3. Scots
4. Eyelashes
5. Shuemura Eyecurler
6. Loreal Volumize Mascara
7. Clio - for under Danita's eye
8. NYX Powder
9. Benefit - Hola 
10. Bonjour - Blush on
11. Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

4. After finish applying her eyeshadow, she puts on eyelashes.
This is very important because it will make your eyes look bigger than ever :)
5. Then put any light color shadow to your inner corner, and under the eye.
Again, it would make your eye look BIGGER!
Oh another tips! Put any kind of gel liner on outer lower lid, just put it half way and your eyes will appear wider.
6. For the photographical, she use lower lashes to make her eyes popper!
This step is optional.
If you do not have any lower lashes, just cut your usual lashes like Danita. Well it works!
I asked her "Isn't looked really unreal cung?", cung is the nickname I called her since 2000 lol
" Well, it will not appear in the camera whatsoever", she said. 
7. Put your lower lashes neatly, set your face with bronzer, blush on and powder. We are ready to go!

So, those are tips from Danita Vinarosa Sigarlaki for her makeup look!
Below is the final look of her, I didn't do any edited color on this pictures :)
I hope you like and enjoy the " tips makeup ala princess Danita" and my art piece! lol
Be ready of my portfolio file ladies

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Cheers! xo

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