Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Le Parisien

MUA&Hair Stylish: Angel Chyntia
Photographer: Tina Bao Ngoc
Location: Paris - Palais Royal du Louvre, Opera
Model: Katy

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Paperbee - Webstore

Hey ladies, long time no see! Sorry about that, I couldn't touch my laptop much cause I've been travelling around Europe since then. Gonna update soon about the places I went and write some nice story. It's gonna be long baby.

Some updates from me is now I'm living in France, Troyes for one semester! Yey! Another exchange experiences in France and I decided to study my skills in makeup industry since I've been living here since August 2012. Then, just last week I went to Paris and take makeup courses in Makeup Forever Academy Paris! I will move to Paris next month! Another yey for me! I hope from this makeup class I can develop my self and increase my insights in beauty industry. 

Anyway, there pictures here were taken before I went to Paris. The pictures are for the paperbee webstore : http://www.paperbee-webstore.com/. One of the owner is Ingrid Juliani Indra which is my classmate, we studied in the same university. She's really sweet and lovable girl, as you can see these handmade clothes are fine well made with the romantic elegant style which is really match with Ingrid personality. You gotta need to check it out their website! 

Paperbee Summer Scent Photoshoot

Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Max Factor - Lipfinity

Ha! Another review about the max factor products girls! Sorry for the long silent, just got back from Bali for holiday yey! :) Well, let's back to the topic. 

The Lipfinity consist of two part that create great pigmented color stay on your lips. 
Well, the greatest idea about this lipstick is Max Factor provides the top coat that make the lip looks pretty and smooth without causing any dries skin peel off. It is great lipstick for people who need a long last lipstick which stay all day long. However, when people do not know how to use it this lipstick could be your enemy because it will dries & peel of your lip skins.

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Max Factor - Flawless Perfection Blush

Hello again ladies!

Okey, I admitted that I stayed for quite a long time in the Max Factor's counter. hehehe.. Firstly, I was to buying the cream blush instead of this blush on. However, after thinking about the universal use for the client I bought this blush instead.

First look of packaging was not impress me at all, it is look really cheap and the excess of the product was everywhere. The blush come with the small brush and I kinda don't like it because when I using it the excess of the product is everywhere! ney.

I was using the small brush and as you can see the excess is everywhereeeeeeeee all over the place :(

I need to swap the brush 5times and was just come up.. However, the color was really incredible nice. Anyway, the number of product is 237 Naturelle.
Oh another plus, this product last for very long time! I was washing my hand all day long and it was still on my hand wow.


- Reasonable price
- Nice staying power
- Love the natural color

- To much excess product!
- Cheapy look packaging
- Just throw away the brush!

Repurchasing: Hmmm maybe? I'm prefer to try another blush :p

Max Factor - False Lash Effect Mascara

Hello again ladies! 

I just finished my bachelor degree by hand in my thesis, yey! Even though I should be happy, but the reality hits me to the deep thinking for my future! Ow yes, I'm such a critical person when the topic leads to the "future" issues. haha

Okey, let's talk about the false lash effect waterproof mascara that I bought just after I'm officially become a bachelor of economy with temporary happy feeling. hahaha

Well based on the name given from Max Factor which is  False Lash Effect, gives full lashes and natural look. 

Hmmm I was quite impress to the reviews from other MUA about this mascara and about to give a try on it. Nah, the result was not like I expected at the first time. (maybe I'm just not used to the big handle) However after I gave the second trial, it was turn really nice! Just like the name :)

As you can see the plum handle of the mascara is quite big, if you have long lashes it would be great but I don't think it will work with the shorter lashes because the handle is quite chunky, harder to handle the short length of lashes.

I think in general it is a good mascara, it is a light coating on the first  and second applications. However on the third application it is become clumpy. I like to apply only one coating application, it looks really nice! My lashes look so full and thick yey!

I highly recommended this mascara to people who want their lashes look like they just wearing false lash without putting any false lash. Recommended also for the other makeup artist to give a shot for this product. Repurchase? Oh yes!

Ps: Recommended use period of at least 3 months or it might irritate your eyes, no way!