Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Max Factor - Flawless Perfection Blush

Hello again ladies!

Okey, I admitted that I stayed for quite a long time in the Max Factor's counter. hehehe.. Firstly, I was to buying the cream blush instead of this blush on. However, after thinking about the universal use for the client I bought this blush instead.

First look of packaging was not impress me at all, it is look really cheap and the excess of the product was everywhere. The blush come with the small brush and I kinda don't like it because when I using it the excess of the product is everywhere! ney.

I was using the small brush and as you can see the excess is everywhereeeeeeeee all over the place :(

I need to swap the brush 5times and was just come up.. However, the color was really incredible nice. Anyway, the number of product is 237 Naturelle.
Oh another plus, this product last for very long time! I was washing my hand all day long and it was still on my hand wow.


- Reasonable price
- Nice staying power
- Love the natural color

- To much excess product!
- Cheapy look packaging
- Just throw away the brush!

Repurchasing: Hmmm maybe? I'm prefer to try another blush :p

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