Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Max Factor - Lipfinity

Ha! Another review about the max factor products girls! Sorry for the long silent, just got back from Bali for holiday yey! :) Well, let's back to the topic. 

The Lipfinity consist of two part that create great pigmented color stay on your lips. 
Well, the greatest idea about this lipstick is Max Factor provides the top coat that make the lip looks pretty and smooth without causing any dries skin peel off. It is great lipstick for people who need a long last lipstick which stay all day long. However, when people do not know how to use it this lipstick could be your enemy because it will dries & peel of your lip skins.

Very smooth brush, really nice to build up the color

The two steps of using the Lipfinity
1. Step one is apply the liquid lipstick
2. Step two is apply the top coat to make the lipstick looks shinny

On the left, the liquid lipstick already dried.
On the right, I put the topcoat over the liquid lipstick.
When the liquid lipstick applied .

This lipstick is definitely stay all night long, drinking, eating won't erase your lip colors. However, the best way to apply this lipstick is firstly you must make sure that your lip skin doesn't has any dries skin. Scrub your lip skin with a wet tooth brush gently, after that apply your lipstick and let it dried for seconds then applied the topcoat.

1. Very pigmented and long-lasting lipstick, trust me!
2. Nice packaging
3. The price is worth it - Rp 95.000,00

1. Dries out your skins quickly
2. For me, the long-lasting lipstick just scared me thinking about the chemical ingredients that stay on my lips.
3. It is really hard to clean, you must clean it with really good cleanser or olive oil

Repurchase? No, I prefer to stay with my not long-lasting lipsticks :)

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