My name is Angel Chyntia and I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I took marketing at Binus University for my bachelor degree and I really enjoy it in terms of economical also international business sides. 

Well, I'm an adventurous woman who loves to explore new things. Travelling, art and business is always been the parts of me. I want to establish my self as an powerful individual women that can help each other. Thus, I was studied in Korea and China for some period time for knowing the other culture of countries also encouraged me to see the beautiful side of each countries. From those experiences, I learned many things and one thing I've learned is I could appreciated the diversity of people in this world. I see many types of faces, blue eyes, brown eyes, blonde hair, black hair, fat, thin and all the categories of people really exist in this world! wow! 

However, the love of travelling and art encouraged me to explore something new in each countries and it is MAKEUP! Korea has the hyper BB cream, China has the cheap price of make up, Indonesia has the variety of traditional herbal products and so the other countries. The structure of people face also blew me up to learn about enhance the beautiful side of each person. In four words: yes I love makeup.

In my opinion makeup should not coverage all the beauty side of the person, but showing the uniqueness of the face with natural looks kind of makeup. I will write many beauty product review, tips or maybe some tutorial videos and I hope we can be friend, get inspired with each other. I'm sharing my experiences & stories, and  I also want it to hear from you ;)

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Angel Chyntia