Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Paperbee - Webstore

Hey ladies, long time no see! Sorry about that, I couldn't touch my laptop much cause I've been travelling around Europe since then. Gonna update soon about the places I went and write some nice story. It's gonna be long baby.

Some updates from me is now I'm living in France, Troyes for one semester! Yey! Another exchange experiences in France and I decided to study my skills in makeup industry since I've been living here since August 2012. Then, just last week I went to Paris and take makeup courses in Makeup Forever Academy Paris! I will move to Paris next month! Another yey for me! I hope from this makeup class I can develop my self and increase my insights in beauty industry. 

Anyway, there pictures here were taken before I went to Paris. The pictures are for the paperbee webstore : http://www.paperbee-webstore.com/. One of the owner is Ingrid Juliani Indra which is my classmate, we studied in the same university. She's really sweet and lovable girl, as you can see these handmade clothes are fine well made with the romantic elegant style which is really match with Ingrid personality. You gotta need to check it out their website! 

Since this pictures are my first real project to put some makeup on stranger, maybe it looks bit messy because I was really nervous and not taking any makeup course yet. So you know, first timer ;) but I will try my best for the next project and I learn more from the makeup course in Paris soon! Wish me luck dear :) Au revoir!


Angel Chyntia

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