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Korean Cosmetics Product

I've been exchange study to Korea for 4 months and experiences many things! In terms of beauty issues one thing I know is, Korean girls really know how to improve their outer beauty. From take care their body using many traditional products using gingseng, work out in the gym, make up until plastic surgery!

The importance of outer beauty in Korean is really important and I've heard that some companies even won't accept ugly people with small eyes. One of my own Koreans best friend said  that his parent ask and encourage him to re-do the structures of his nose & eyes.Yey or nay? Therefore those Korean female and male needs to beautify their self to survive with those kind of situations. Without no doubt I will tell you that Korean boys also wears make up too! Yes, they use bb cream and other make up stuff! On that point of time, I was realized that the power of makeup somehow can really maximized our outer beauty.

There are lots of make up stores in Korea!!! I put many of this '!!!' because they have significant number for make up stores even in one shopping area. For instance Myeong Dong shopping center has like 4 or more Etude House in the same area! That was make me confused for the first time, I was walking on the street and find another same store all over again. From my experiences, if you want to go buy some makeup just go to the downtown and you will find several make up store right away.

Okey, let's talk about the Korean makeup products. Have you ever heard about Tony Moly? Toly Moly is one of the best make up stores in Korea, I did some research by asking my Korean friends. They were told me that Tony Moly has the best products for eyes and lips make up. There are many Etude House cosmetic stores and based on my Korean friends, the quality of Tony Moly products is better than Etude House. Moreover, they are Skin Food which good on their nail polish, Missha who has the famous BB cream, BanilaCo, Suhlwasoo, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, It's Skin, Holika Holika, and other brand that I don't even remember. Sorry.. :)

That was Nadia & me in front of Nature Republic
For the prices, compared to the price in Indonesia the price is more way cheaper. For the nail polish, Etude House sell it for 1,000 won it is around Rp8.000,00 or $0.8 and in Indonesia they sell it around Rp20,000,00 something or $20 for one bottle of nail polish.

I did bought some of the beauty products from those stores there and will review it later for you, please keep reading ladies :)

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